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Some of the ways Stations use Text Messaging

Increase TSL through appointment listening and

tune-in txts.

Drive web page traffic.

Revenue through Keyword Sales.

Revenue through Sponsorship Packaging.

On-Demand Content.

Drive Traffic to Sponsor locations.

News Alerts and Updates.

Mobile Couponing and VIP Passes.



Read what stations say about MXM :

Why they dig it and how they use it. 

I'm happy to say Mobile Xpress has been a no-brainer. If your target audience includes anyone under the age of 30, this is the best way to communicate with them because texting is their primary form of communication.

We send out alerts for upcoming contests, concerts and appearances. It is impressive to clients to have a bunch of subscribers stop by a live remote just because we sent them a text about the event a couple hours before.

Jim Kallas, PD, Duhamel Broadcasting,
Rapid City, KDDX-FM

Text messaging is huge with our listeners. It is how they communicate with each other, so for the station, having the ability to interact with them via texts has been extremely beneficial.

Having listeners participate in contests via texts is great. So is polling - our American Idol polls have been huge! 

On demand content is also a big part of our texting program. With MXM, we're able to deliver on demand weather, breaking news, concert announcements and more right to our listeners’ cell phones. 


Dave McKay, PD, Nassau Broadcasting,
Philadelphia, WPST-FM

Mobile Xpress Messenger has enabled us to engage our listeners in new ways, delivering benefits like never before. There's no end in sight to growing listener participation and our bottom line!

Travis Dylan, Market Operations, Clear Channel,
Norfolk, WOWI-FM

Adding Mobile Xpress Messenger to our treasure chest of marketing tools has opened an entirely new avenue in which to interact with our very active listeners. 

I truly believe MXM not only helps engage our listeners on an entirely new level, but encourages them to become even more loyal to our stations.

We are able to pinpoint the messages we send out to our listeners according to their expressed interests. 


Cathi Thorpe, Retail Marketing Specialist,
Buck Owens Broadcasting,
Bakersfield, KUZZ-FM

MXM has definitely helped our station by allowing our listeners to be a part of the show no matter where they are. That in itself has been great for our station!

Lisa Urdiales, PD, Good Karma Broadcasting,
Milwaukee, WAUK-AM

Text messaging with MXM has given our station a new way to connect with listeners. We’ve used it often to give listeners the inside scoop on contests. 

We’ll tell everyone we’re giving away concert tickets, but only text club members get a text message with the exact times we’ll be giving them away.

Michele Mitchell, PD, Neuhoff Media,
Champaign, WFMB-FM

MXM has really been a good tool to inform the listeners about upcoming contests and live broadcasts! It really helps build TSL by teasing them about when they can listen to win prizes and for major announcements on air!

JT Bosch, PD, Clear Channel,
Harrisburg, WHKF-FM