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Easy-to-use, all-in-one tool suite, for 2way texting

Solutions for advertising on demand.

No texting charges to listeners.

Easy to use polls and surveys for on-air and other staff.

Easy to manage tool for multiple keywords and users.

Options to filter and use auto responders.

Create profiles to target, based on filters customized for your station.


Triton Digital - Your convergence partner!

Questions to Consider when choosing a txt messaging solution.

Can you target messages based on listener preferences? 


Intent to purchase?

Listening Habits? 

Zip or County?

Can you act opportunistically and send ‘listen-to-win’ texts?  Breaking concert info? Traffic alerts?

Can listeners reply by text directly
to messages sent by your station?

Are opt-in and opt-out methods conforming to carrier standards?

Does the service provider adopt Best Practices published by the

Will you own your listener database, 100 percent? Completely control access to it?

Are you required to fund a dedicated short code, or is this an option you have?