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Now - used by nearly
400 stations!

Easy-to-use, all-in-one tool suite, for texting your listeners and your listeners texting you. 

Generate mobile NTR via on-demand advertising.

No waiting – we get stations started right away!

Reply to individual texts or send targetted texts to station-defined profiles.

Auto-text tools.

Contests, Polls & Surveys made easy with MXM's "smart in-box" technology.





Intelligent keyword autoresponders for direct response campaigns.

Mobile opt-in functionality now included.

No short code lease required.

Run un-gated advertising promos, contests and polls!


Why has MXM from Triton Digital
Quickly become the market leader?

It's easy to use and has instant impact with listeners.

It's the best for station-generated messaging.

It's the best for managing messages sent by listeners.

It reaches listeners regardless of their mobile carrier.

It's 100% opt-in for listeners.

Stations own their listener data without limitation. 

Best short code options for any budget. 


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Why they dig it and how they use it.